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Rustic House Wax Melt Burner



Product Information

Complete this cute little cottage with a simple tealight and one or two dashes of your favourite fragrance oil to fill your home with scents of the season!

If you are a lover of ambience, this wonderful wax burner is a great way to bring a warm vibe to your home this winter. Lift off the roof top of this cosy abode and fill the basin with your favourite wax melt or water with a few drops of fragrance oil. Next, pop the roof back on and light a tealight in the base, and watch as your home mimics the warm glow of the wax burner. A great piece for the winter and all year round, use autumn-spiced scents in the colder months and fresher fragrances such as citrus in the summer. 

Please place your ceramic wax burner on a heatproof surface and wait for the burner and any wax or oil to cool completely before touching. 


width 12cm x height 11.7cm x depth 7.6cm

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