GinChup is based on Zaanse ketchup and infused with Bobby’s, a fine and balanced distilled gin that contains 8 botanicals. These botanicals give our GinChup its zesty character while staying true to being on the ketchup side.

And, just as the GinMayo, the GinChup will contain 2% alcohol. So it won’t get you drunk, but it will get things going.


Tomato purée (140g fresh tomatoes per 100g sauce), Sugar, Bobby’s Gin (5%), Corn Starch, Vinegar, Salt, Herbs and spices, Lemon juice concentrate, Yeast extract, Sambal Oelek (ground Red Peppers 0,19%, Sugar, Paprika Powder, Sunflower oil, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sodium Benzoate, Acetic Acid).

170g tube.

This product contains 2% alcohol.

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